What are the GAME Arenas?
The GAME Arenas are in selected GAME stores across the UK, with dedicated arena teams to ensure you get the best experience when visiting. The stores have a range of gaming experiences available for all ages whether you want to come alone and meet new players or come as a group of friends to play online as a team or against each other in a LAN!


What about Competitive though!?
Don’t worry although beating your friends in a game of CoD is always satisfying, we understand that competitive gaming is a huge part of gaming so we host some great tournaments in our Arenas with great prizes!
So! If you think you and/or your team has what it takes to enter the big leagues our arenas offer great opportunities to enter into the competitive gaming world. Every Arena is different so always keep up to date with your closest arena to find out when and what they have tournaments on.

What platforms can I play on in the Arenas?
Whether you’re a Console gamer or a PC gamer we have you covered. All of the GAME Arenas support all gamer types with Xbox Ones, PS4’s and High Spec PC’s.
The future is here and what would a gaming arena be without the latest gaming tech platforms?

All The GAME Arenas carry at least one VR Experience including:



Oculus Rift

Different Arenas have different VR’s available. So it’s worth checking out what your closest store has


Who can come to the GAME Arenas?
The Arenas are open to all ages!
With this though we do have some legal restrictions:

• Players must be the required Age on Age Related products

• Players must be 16+ to enter Pay to Play tournaments

We always recommend bringing ID with you as the same rules apply to playing the games in store as it does to buying them.
Unfortunately even with parental consent we cannot allow an under aged player to play a game they do not meet the legal age requirement of.
For full T&C’s please ask your Local Arena. We recommend asking before you apply for an event to avoid disappointment.

Can I book the arena for a Party?
If you want to hire the Arena for a Party you just need to contact the store, give them the date and time you would like and how many people you want to come. Booking the arena for a party gives you access to all aspects of the arena, you will be able to use the PC’s, Xbox’s, PS4’s and VR equipment.



Where are the GAME Arenas?

We have 4 Arenas across the UK, with more in mind for the future!


When do the GAME Arenas have events on?
All of the Arenas have a base Schedule but it is subject to change!
Each store has different closing times so please contact the store to confirm and find out if the schedule for that day is running.

So Always check your local Arenas Social Media for updates / changes to the schedule!


Base Schedule:


Highlighted Events

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