Pokémon GO Pokéstops and Instore Events

Become a real Pokemon Master with Pokemon Go/ Catch ‘em all with Pokemon Go
Mixing real world maps, movement and locations with the wonderful world of Pokemon, Pokemon Go is a free to play augmented reality (AR) game for Android and iOS. Capture, battle and train Pokemon from Nintendo’s iconic generation one line-up. Strengthen your team with all new Pokemon, nab free items at Pokestops, and test your skills at Pokemon gyms. Plus, get extra pokeballs, lucky eggs, incense and more with Pokecoins. Top up your iTunes or Google Play credit to get even more items for Pokemon Go.

Whats going on in store

We’ve got some great Pokemon GO events coming up in our stores. Keep an eye out for even more Pokemon in-store with Pokelures,  join our teams on catching Pokéwalks around the local area, plus much, much more!

Pokestops at GAME
Running low on Pokeballs, hoping to stumble upon another egg, or looking for a few extra potions before heading into your next gym battle? Drop by one of our Pokestops to snag some free items! Just open the app, click the GAME Pokestop, and spin the icon to get your items.

Find your local GAME store with a Pokestop here >


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