The place to play, experience and compete!

BELONG is a celebration of gaming experiences where competition reigns, friendships are born, deep gaming rivalries are forged and communities of gamers built. Through BELONG a collective love for gaming isn’t simply embraced, it is enhanced in physical zones and across the digital universe.

BELONG offers local and national competitive gaming, gaming events and gaming experiences – be that one on one with your best friend or in teams. It will provide dedicated space for the nation’s gamers to play with friends, compete in tournaments, enjoy gaming nights, celebrate new games and technology launches and share video-game themed events and experiences. Every BELONG location will have unique elements so always keep up to date with your closest one to find out what they have on.

What can I play in BELONG?

Whether you’re a Console gamer or a PC gamer we have you covered. All of the BELONG locations support all gamer types with Xbox Ones , PlayStation 4’s and High Spec PC’s , including all zones carrying at least one VR Experience.

Who can come to BELONG?

BELONG is open to all ages! With this though we do have some legal restrictions:

– Players under 12 must be accompanied by an Adult
– Players must be the required Age on Age Related products
– Players must be 16+ to enter Pay to Play tournaments

We always recommend bringing ID with you as the same rules apply to playing the games in store as it does to buying them. Unfortunately even with parental consent we cannot allow an under aged player to play a game if they do not meet the legal age requirement of that game. For full T&C’s please ask your closest BELONG.

Can I book my closest BELONG for a Party?

Yes! If you want to hire your closest BELONG for a Party you just need to contact them.

Where are the BELONG Zones?

We currently have 7 BELONG locations across the UK, with more in mind for the future! Click on your Local store below to be Directed to their Twitter feeds to get the latest news.



When does BELONG have events on?

All BELONG Zones have events running throughout the week, please contact them via Social Media. Always check your local BELONG for updates / changes to the schedule!

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