We love and breathe games. We're a group of individuals that love games so much, we made it our working life. Supporting SpecialEffect is something we feel very passionate about. We have the UKs largest community of gamers in GAME, and that community isn't exclusive. Playing games shouldn't be an aspiration or a dream to achieve, it should be something everyone can do. We all love kicking back with a game of FIFA or PES, racing around corners as we test the grip of tyres or exploring new worlds with little more than a flash light and anticipation for what’s around the corner. For the majority of gamers it’s a 30 second task from being sat on the sofa to playing the latest release. Imagine not being able to simply pick up a controller, score that goal or start new missions. SpecialEffect unlocks the world of gaming for people that up to now, haven't been able to join in or have had the escapism that games create removed through life changing illness or injury.

Upcoming Events


We're raising money for SpecialEffect by taking part in the Twin Town Challenge 2016. TTC16 will see 100 cars costing less than £500 drive from Witney to its twin town of Le Touquet and back via Silverstone and Abbeville. It is not a race but a series of twelve fun point based challenges that are guaranteed to ensure you have lots of fun, once in a lifetime experiences and make lots of money for SpecialEffect. TTC16 will take place from Friday 27th May ‘16 to Monday 30th May ‘16.
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You can donate to SpecialEffect in every GAME store, you can even trade in your old games and donate any % you want to them. To learn more about the great work SpecialEffect do, please visit http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/about-us